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  1. Doomsday for Islam?
  2. Islam debases human rights
  3. C-5 Crashes at Dover AFB
  4. WP: U.S. has begun war plans for Iran
  5. Terrorist attack in Tel Aviv
  6. Side Views of Modern Aircraft
  7. Zarqawi has been 'Terminated'
  8. there is no power like air power
  9. Jewish leader: Iran president a ‘second Hitler’
  10. U.S., Japan agree to Patriots on U.S. bases
  11. U.S. deploys warship amid N. Korea standoff
  12. Two Koreas exchange gunfire along fortified border
  13. Castro relinquishes power before surgery
  14. Thai Army Coup Ousts PM
  15. Shots fired along tense Korean border
  16. Great editorial from the President of Georgia
  17. U.S.: Iranian weapons in Iraq
  18. Navy Details New Super Hornet Capabilities
  19. A-10 Warthog Videos
  20. Iran holding 15 British Sailors
  21. Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut - In Air Show Action
  22. European Union supports Brits, but French waffle
  23. Military.Net - Today's Photos Feed
  24. Pictures of the fighting in the Helmand Province in Afghanistan
  25. Masters of Their Domains--Videos of the F-4 Phantom and F-16 Falcon
  26. US Soldiers want more powerful ammo
  27. My Friends Son is in Marine Corps Boot Camp
  28. San Francisco Moves to Ban the Blue Angels
  29. "Dogfights" on the History Channel
  30. F-4 Phantom Test
  31. Last seconds of an insurgent's life
  32. What you won't hear from the News...
  33. US Forces capture Iranian Officer operating in Iraq
  34. China's Military getting bigger & better
  35. Possibility of Marine Corps being shifted to Afghanistan?
  36. Medal of Honor awarded
  37. Pakistan
  38. Some of the Realities of War
  39. Chechnya: 1994-96
  40. Aint it the Truth
  41. Kosovo Declares Independance!!
  42. Germans eye first postwar bravery honor
  43. War in Georgia
  44. Pat Buchanan on Georgia
  45. AP Story: Russians entrenching in Georgia-Not withdrawing
  46. Georgia: Europe wins a gold medal for defeatism
  47. Is Poland Next... Again?
  48. The UK rolls up it's sleeves
  49. Update: The U.S. arrives in Georgia
  50. The Truth about Russia in Georgia
  51. Wall Street Journal Report: Georgia
  52. Pakistan: It Begins; 9-03-08
  53. Cheney goes to Georgia: US gives $1B in Aid
  54. Reports on Russia
  55. Russia insults Texas!
  56. U.S. Air Force Advised to Overhaul Nuke Command.
  57. 2008 Reno Air Races
  58. Georgian Conflict Pictoral-must see!
  59. Modern Military Pics
  60. Desert Storm Air War
  61. Small Unit Action in Iraq
  62. 20th Anniversary--Operation Desert Shield
  63. Report From Afghanistan: Part 1: One Enemy, Many Faces
  64. Terrorist Blooper Reel