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  1. The German's First Winter in Russia
  2. German World War II ranks:
  3. German Phrases
  4. Crunching the numbers
  5. Glossary Of German Military Terms From WW2
  6. Glossary Of German Abbreviations From WW2
  7. Panzer Vorwärts! Aber mit Verstand!
  8. German Army Unit Glossary
  9. World War II Color Still Photos
  10. Captured German Military Records
  11. Eastern Front Pix
  12. German World War II Pix Site
  13. Map Sites
  14. Slaughter at Halbe (Destruction of 9th Army)
  15. New Osprey Berlin book
  16. World War II Maps at the University of Texas
  17. Rzm
  18. World War 2 Registry of Remembrances
  19. WW2 super info site!
  20. An Army at Dawn
  21. World War II German Pix Site
  22. Encyclopedia of World War II Tanks, Aircraft, Arty & Ships
  23. Last chance to get Hell's Gate at a lower price
  24. Situation Maps--US from D-Day to Post War 1945
  25. Maps of the Soviet Union
  26. USA Lend Lease Aid Numbers
  27. World War 2 maps
  28. Sledgehammers: A Thesis on the Combat Effectiveness of Tiger Tanks
  29. New Website For You History Types!
  30. Handbook on German Military Forces
  31. Highest Scoring Tiger I Commanders & Gunners