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  1. Got Uboat
  2. Western Approaches
  3. An interesting U-Boat story
  4. U-Boat Story II
  5. German WW II Hilfskreuzers (raiders in merchant ship guise)
  6. U-Boat Aces
  7. Graf Spee's eagle rises from deep
  8. WWII Imperial Japanese Naval Aviation Page
  9. The Z-Plan
  10. U.S. Salmon class submarine's deadly periscope
  11. Rare Pearl Harbor pictures
  12. Type VII U-boats by Robert C. Stern
  13. The Graf Zeppelin found?
  14. Object off Alaska coast may be WWII sub
  15. German U-Boat Site
  16. US Submarines in the Pacific
  17. 1/10 scale Yamato Model at Yamato Museum
  18. WWII battle cruiser HMAS Sydney found
  19. 1935 USMC Photos
  20. 100th Anniversary of U.S. Naval Aviation