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  1. It's Back
  2. Kommandeur’s Message
  3. CMAK Normandy Mod Released
  4. CMx2 News
  5. Battlefront makes major CMx Announcement!
  6. Highlights of new CMx2 Engine
  7. CMAK will soon be released in stores as an expanded special edition
  8. DoD: Source
  9. Cm: Shock Force!
  10. CM Campaigns for CMBB Just Announced!
  11. KG has a new Vice Kommandir!!
  12. Scenario Depot II for CM Series Launched!
  13. New CMBB Operation Barbarossa Campaign Being Developed
  14. 2006 KG Combat Mission Tournament!
  15. Pairings Announced for 2006 KG_Werfer Combat Mission Tournament
  16. New Forum Sections
  17. Headquarters Awaits News From the CM Tournament Front
  18. CM Tournament Report Time
  19. KG_Cloghaun Is Finalist in SZO CMBB Best Players Tournament
  20. KG Werfer CM Tournament--Mandatory Cease Fire Today
  21. New Official Starting Date for Phase 2 of the KG Werfer CM Tournament
  22. CM West Mod for CMAK on the Way
  23. First Results Reported for Phase 2 of the KG CM Werfer Tournament
  24. KG Werfer CM Tournament--Standing At the End of Phase 1
  25. Happy Thanksgiving!
  26. 65th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Attack
  27. Merry Christmas!
  28. KG's New Vice Kommandir!!
  29. Combat Mission Shock Force Dedicated Website Opened by Battlefront
  30. Close Combat: Cross of Iron to be released within next 24 hours
  31. SZO Best Players Champion Is Crowned!!
  32. Happy Easter and Passover!
  33. KampfGruppe On The Frontlines
  34. Combat Mission Shock Force to Be Released in June 2007
  35. Welcome Home KG_Swampfox!
  36. Memorial Day Salute to All the Vets and Active Duty Military Men and Women
  37. KG Defeats FGM in 2007 Clan Clash!
  38. Happy Father's Day!
  39. Armchair General Summer Campaign Tournament Is Launching Soon
  40. Independence Day
  41. CMSF and Its Demo Released by Battlefront
  42. KG Brings You Reviews and Articles By Wargamers Written for Wargamers
  43. KG_Panzerschreck Wins the AGC Summer Offensive Bracket Contest!
  44. Happy Veteran's Day!
  45. Thanksgiving Day Prayer
  46. Pearl Harbor + 66
  47. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  48. KG_Jag wins "King of KG" CMAK Tournament
  49. Happy Easter
  50. Memorial Day Salute to the Fallen
  51. Happy Father's Day!
  52. July 4th!!
  53. September 11th will never be forgotten. God Bless America.
  54. Veterans' Day
  55. Merry Christmas!
  56. Happy Easter and Passover
  57. KG Salutes All the Vets & Active Military on Memorial Day
  58. D-Day + 65
  59. July 4th--a Day for Celebration and Reflection
  60. A Time to Mourn
  61. Veteran's Day
  62. Merry Christmas!
  63. Happy New Year!
  64. Memorial Day
  65. 4th of July!
  66. Panzer Command--Ostfront Announced
  67. Avalon Hill Founder Charles S. Roberts Dead
  68. Veterans Day
  69. Dick Winters Rejoins His Company of Heroes
  70. 150 Years Ago Today the U.S. Civil War Began
  71. Happy Memorial Day 2011
  72. Independence Day for the 13 North American British Colonies
  73. Tiz the Season
  74. Happy and Blessed Easter and Passover to All
  75. Memorial Day